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The complement of a desire is the idea that authorizes it. The rest is child’s play.
Gillespie New Media positions itself squarely on this register, where communications become the art of the possible.
Communication is child’s play and thrives on the nods and winks of recognition and positive reinforcement. It is the sum of such small pleasures and practical accomplishments that make up an apprenticeship, that induce progress and lead to maturity.
Gillespie New Media are specialists in marketing communications.
Our job is to seduce and convince, to provoke, incite and motivate. We seek the glimmer in the gloom, resonance in the stillness. Our palette is made up of colors and sounds that follow one another in a world that is both vibrant and resplendent.
For us communications are like a binary equation of idea variables, like a symphony in F Major, a fantasy in B Flat Minor or a scale of sensations on an emotional gamut.
The strength of an idea, the drama of a musical note bracketed in silence, the play of forms and colors… such are the tools of the communicator, orator and ad-man. As such we are little more than artists of the chimerical, manipulators of illusion. But it is the ad-man communicator who recomposes these elements as practical, resonant and fun.
And yet… if the advertising arts resonate it is because messages are crafted with skill and executed strategically.
- Responsive communications (proposals and ideas)
- Tour and travel programming and development
- Multimedia production and deployment
- Package-goods marketing and merchandising
- Media planning and negotiation
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Jean de Peña is a marseillais photographer working on open spaces and photo reportages
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